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Falegnameria Fiore offers its customers a creations spaces, forms and furniture born from the the company, through the use of machines and advanced equipment, has matured over the years large competences and types of processing that give to customer a large choice of realization, meeting the most challenging requests in the shortest possible time.

Specialized in woodworking and its derivatives, we treat even steel, iron and glass.



Falegnameria Fiore deals of:


furniture, interior design, interior architecture, artistic decoration of walls, finishing touch, planning spaces for houses, flats, offices.


Designs and builds kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, beds and wardrobes for living rooms and sleeping areas. 


For years we have developed custo, solutions for forniture stores, pharmacies, libraries, restaurants, bars and commercial activities in general.

The exhibition spaces, the counters, until you get to realization of stand, we will find an apropriate solution for your needs.

In the following pages you will find some solutions divided into categories of productions made for commercial activities.


Thanks to the collaboration with our architects and building companies, we are able to take a property and redesign it from the beginning:


from new functions and design of environments, passing by the division of the interior, until the creation of the furniture, we restailing offering at the customer a complete package.


Our workshop is a continuous flow of ideas and we use software for drawing before moving on to the wood.

If you want create a special forniture, plese contact us with your idea:

just a pencil sketch or a drawing file and we will do it; and if you can't draw, tell us your idea an we will design together.

Already many have entrusted us to create an original furniture. Contact us !! 


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